There’s A Head In My Bed

  • 24 pages of full colour illustrations
  • Is based on historical relics and information
  • Can be used in history lessons at primary level
  • Suitable for ages 3-7, but is enjoyed by all
  • A4 Format – Set in landscape
  • Glossy front and back covers



“There’s A Head In My Bed”, is an illustrated children’s book for ages 3 to 7 . . . to 70!

Written by Hatty Ashton and illustrated by Joshua Rosewarne.
A bit of British history brought to life with charming characters and ridiculous rhymes! 

Inspired by the legend of St Edmund and the Wolf. This silly adventure follows St Ed’s rolling head after it’s been thrown into the woods by the Vikings. 

Ed meets the local wildlife while searching for his body, that is stuck to a tree, all horrid and snotty! 

Will he find it?

This is an A4 landscape book, bound with a glossy cover. It is filled with fun illustrations of animals, bogies and the odd goblin.