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From Suffolk Young Peoples Theatre to the RADA and Amazon Prime. Keep on keeping on!

Co-Founder of Bring Out Your Dead Productions

Founded in 2013, Hatty and Greg Hanson have been able to bring old stories back to life with support from The Heritage Lottery Fund, Bury St Edmunds Town Council locality funding, Moyses Hall Museum and support from other local theatres and companies.

Children's Author

Ridiculous rhyming retellings of local myths and legends that shaped Bury St Edmunds and East Anglia. This author is dyslexic and proud!

Two mottos I love

"Persevere and conquer."

"What would I do today if I wasn't scared."

"Sarah has loved listening to Forkbeard as a bedtime story"

Hatty, who is “dyslexic and proud”, writes her books to make learning more fun and memorable. Her first two books tell the stories surrounding the martyred King, turned Saint, Edmund of Bury Saint Edmunds in Suffolk.

Contact Hatty

Based in the quintessentially English town of Bury St Edmunds, as well as reading her books in schools, Hatty does workshops to explore history through drama games and crafting activities. For more info get in touch via the contact page.