Forkbeard and The Ghost King

  • 25 pages of full colour illustrations
  • Is based on historical relics and information
  • Can be used in history lessons at primary level
  • Suitable for ages 3-7, but is enjoyed by all
  • A4 Format – Set in landscape
  • Glossy front and back covers



There are many myths and legends surrounding the martyred King, turned Saint, Edmund of Bury Saint Edmunds in Suffolk. Author Hatty Ashton and illustrator Joshua Rosewarne have teamed up to create a series of ridiculous re-tellings of East Anglian history. Following the success of their first book ‘There’s a Head in My Bed’ the duo have revitalised another mysterious tale that surrounds the dead king. 

This time it is the encounter Sweyn Forkbeard the Viking is alleged to have had with the ghost of Saint Edmund. After pledging to ransack the Saxons again the ghostly Saxon saint has had enough of Forkbeards ‘bad behaviour’ and visits him one night to teach him a lesson. Unfortunately for Ghost Ed, the Viking is fast asleep! So Ed pulls faces, blows raspberries and more to wake him up and give him a spooking and teach Forkbeard a lesson. 

Hatty, who is “dyslexic and proud”, writes her books to make learning more fun and memorable.

“I feel like a lot more would have stayed in my mind when I was a child if someone threw a pie now and again. Coating facts in silliness and fun is my approach to history.”  – Hatty Ashton