Children's Author

When Hatty is not on stage or in the garden with her chickens she has taken to writing rhyming retellings of local history. Her first two books ‘There’s a Head in My Bed’ and ‘Forkbeard and The Ghost King’ follow some of the many legends that surround the martyred King Edmund of East Anglia.

Hatty, who is “dyslexic and proud” knows the trials and tribulations that dyslexia brings to the table.

“My aim is to engage the children who find it hard to retain information delivered to them in the classroom, like I did. School for every child is a roller coaster and having dyslexia adds extra loop-the-loops along the track.”

Hatty does readings of her books in schools, Brownie/Cub groups and local events often accompanied by a workshop exploring the history through crafts and drama activities.

If you would like Hatty to come to your school for a reading and workshop send us a message via the contact page or the There’s a Head in My Bed Facebook page linked below.


Original illustrations by Joshua Rosewarne